New Wall Coverings

July 22, 2009

I came across these two new great wall coverings…

Jazz In Central Park Wallpaper by Lizzie Allen

Jazz In Central Park Wallpaper by Lizzie Allen


This first one is from Lizzie Allen and is called “Jazz In Central Park”. This would look great as a singular piece- a focal point on a wall. The bright colors could bring life to a more muted room. You could also frame a section of the paper to make your own artwork.

Stucco by Genevieve Bennett

Stucco by Genevieve Bennett


This second piece is from Genevieve Bennett and is called “Stucco”.  It is wallpaper that has been crafted to be three-dimensional and then enhanced with pieces of cut leather. It comes in a standard size of 30 1/3″ x 39 1/3″, but can be custom made in different colors and sizes. I would love to do an entire room in this wallpaper. It would give the space dimension while not overwhelming. It could be a very whimsical accent to any room.

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