Lighting Thursday

August 20, 2009

Here are some great fixtures for you on this lovely Thursday…


6-Globe Branching Bubble by Lindsey Adelman

6-Globe Branching Bubble by Lindsey Adelman


First up is the 6-Globe Branching Bubble by Lindsey Adelman.  This piece is one of many in her Bubble Series.  Each piece is made to order with hand-blown glass globes and custom metal fittings. The whole fixture can be customized in terms of overall dimensions and number of globes as well as the finishes. The globes come in 14K gold foil, murrine, white cane, aqua, and white and metal finish options include oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, brushed brass, and brushed 24K gold. There is a 10 week lead time for each piece and the average price is $1600/globe. Depending on the finish, I could see this fixture in a number of places, from a barn like decor to a modern museum.


Curly Lamp by Fuz

Curly Lamp by Fuz


Next up is the Curly Lamp by Fuz. The Curly Lamp is a recycled plastic translucent shade that you  wrap around a compact fluorescent bulb. It comes in two sizes- small and large with the small measuring 7.5″ x 12″  ($35) and the large measuring 10″ x 15.5″ ($45).  I think it is a great home office lamp.


Gloss Lamp by Pablo Designs

Gloss Lamp by Pablo Designs


Lastly, this is the Gloss Lamp by Pablo Designs. The Gloss Lamp comes in both a floor lamp ($355)  and a table lamp ($310). It is constructed of twin polycarbonate shades with an aluminum base. The Gloss Lamps can be positioned to practically any angle and varying heights making them incredibly versatile for both ambient and direct light. The acrylic shades come in clear, blue, orange, and bronze and they use halogen lamps.

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