Sustainable Fabrics

August 25, 2009

Here are a few sustainable fabrics I have found that I am loving…


Bukhara in Oasis, by Pollack

Bukhara in Oasis, by Pollack


This first fabric is called Bukhara in colorway Oasis from Pollack. This Jacquard print is woven in India and is made of 53% silk and 47% cotton, both rapidly renewable fibers. This print is best used in applications that are considered light duty (light use). There are five different colorways. For more information and to see all five of the colorways click here.


Habibi, by Rubie Green

Habibi, by Rubie Green


This fabric is called Habibi and is by Rubie Green. The unique geometric print is made of 100% certified organic cotton that has not been bleached. They are printed with inks that contain no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and use a printing process that lowers the amount of water used. Habibi comes in black, brown, and red and is $90.00 per yard. To see all the colorways and for more information click here. I would love to use this fabric on an ottoman or a few pillows.


Modular Textiles, by Ensuk Hur

Modular Textiles, by Ensuk Hur


Lastly, check out this modular textile, Nomadic Wonderland, from Ensuk Hur. This amazing concept was produced out of a textile project in which Hur had the idea of creating a textile that would be “an interchangeable modular system of textile pieces”. In Nomadic Wonderland Hur has used materials ranging from leather, to cashmere, to wool, to wood and has created the pieces using laser cutting and a variety of printing processes. I look forward to seeing more from this great designer!

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