September 8, 2009

Here are some great planters that could work both indoors and outdoors, because I will do anything for summer not to end!


Nature Planter by Design Night

Nature Planter by Design Night


This first planter is from Design Night  and is called the Nature Planter. This great planter is 18″ tall x 22″ wide and comes in the three colors above and is priced at $375.00 . The planter was designed for a larger plant whose roots need to go deeper to be in the center with several smaller pockets surrounding the larger plant, and three drainage holes on the bottom. Each planter is hand made using a six part mold in Portland, Oregon.


Pods by Pad, from Pot-ted

Pods by Pad, from Pot-ted

This planter, Pods, is from PAD. The Pods are made of 100% recyclable aluminum and come in 6 different colors- black, white, red, orange, gold and seafoam. The Pods also come in either a full skirt or a half skirt with stands of either 15″ or 22″ tall. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and range in price from $45-$165. They can be purchased at Pot-ted (a favorite garden store of mine) as well as a number of other retailers that are listed on their website.

One Response to “Planters”

  1. reubix1 Says:

    Gorgeous, both! Love the stylized mod strawberry pots, especially.

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