Modern Malibu Weekend Home

September 15, 2009

I saw this 700 square feet modern weekend home on the LA Times website and loved how the house was designed and some of the unique features of it.

Malibu Weekend Home by Architects Nick Roberts and Cory Buckner

Malibu Weekend Home by Architects Nick Roberts and Cory Buckner


After losing 2 homes in wildfires in 1993, architects Nick Roberts and Cory Buckner designed and created this sustainable weekend home to be fire resistant. By using fire resistant materials such as corrugated Rheinzink panels, fire-rated drywall, cellulose insulation, dual pane windows and a fire rated composition roof top,  the shell of the home was entirely fire resistant.

Malibu Weekend Home Interior

Malibu Weekend Home Interior

The interior of the home was designed with an open floor plan with sunken levels to accomodate the dining room as well as a work space and a loft bedroom above. The architects created the sustainable home by using materials like concrete flooring on the first floor and bamboo flooring on the stairs. The walls are clad in oriented strand board and the team used sliding glass doors and a skylight to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

To me, this home is a great example of innovative sustainable living for the future. More pictures and information can be seen here.

2 Responses to “Modern Malibu Weekend Home”

  1. viewfromasia Says:

    Very interesting and I love it’s shape.

  2. we always choose home interiors with bright colors because the mood is uplifting ,*`

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