Lighting Thursday!

October 8, 2009

Astral Chandelier by jGoodDesign

Astral Chandelier by jGoodDesign


This first fixture is the Astral Chandelier by jGoodDesign. It is crafted of hand blown glass and is fully customizable. The fixture can be designed with either one tier of glass or multiple tiers and you have the option of either including or not including the satin stripes inside the fluted glass. The fluid, unique, airiness of this chandelier makes it incredibly versatile. More information can be seen here.


Bloom Lumen by Adam Frank

Bloom Lumen by Adam Frank


This oil lamp fixture is called Bloom Lumen and is by Adam Frank.  The series Lumen by Adam Frank act as shadow projectors. Each piece is unique and is meant to create a shadow on a wall. The flickering flame adds an organic dimension to the projected art. Adam Frank has six different varieties of the fixture and they can be seen and purchased ($48) here.


Fujiya Floor Lamp from Dare Studio

Fujiya Floor Lamp from Dare Studio


I love the simple yet interesting lines of the lamp. This lamp is the Fujiya Floor and Table lamp by Dare Studio. The lamps are available in either American Black Walnut or American White Walnut and the steel shades come in three colors- red, white, and black.  Gloss and custom colors are also available as a special order. It is manufactured in the UK, so if you are outside of th UK some rewiring may have to be done for this fixture. I think this would be a great accent to a home office!

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