Whitewashing 101

October 12, 2009

Normally I am not one for the look of white washed furniture, but recently two friends of mine had a few pieces of furniture that they wanted to whitewash and they enlisted me for some help.

All the pieces turned out great and it’s actually quite a simple process that anyone can do it!

Materials Needed


Electric Sander


Paint brushes (the wider the better!)


A metal tin to mix the paint and water

The piece you want to whitewash!


1. Prep the piece of furniture which includes sanding down the piece to the bare wood and wiping away the dust

2. Mix 1 part paint with 2 parts water in the metal tin. Mix it well!

3. Take your brush and dip the end of it in the paint and water mixture. You dont want to much of the mixture on the brush because it will start to look like you just painted it. The trick is to start lightly and go over it to the get the desired look. Continue painting until the entire piece is covered.

4. Let dry. Touch up any areas you think need more strokes.


Here are some pictures from the work we did:

Cabinet Before

Cabinet Before

Cabinet After

Cabinet After


Table Before

Table Before

Table After

Table After

Have you ever whitewashed? How did yours turn out?

One Response to “Whitewashing 101”

  1. This is really helpful! I think everything came out FANTASTIC! 🙂

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