Re-Imagined Furniture

November 4, 2009

I have been seeing a lot of great pieces of furniture that have been designed with the mindset of reduce-reuse-recycle. Here are a couple of them!



Second Life by William Stranger

William Stranger is know for his innovative sustainable furniture that is mostly made with acquired natural objects such as fallen trees. One of his latest lines is the Second Life line. Stranger took the remnants of a bowling alley and created beautiful works. The line is being exhibited at Fifth Floor Gallery in Los Angeles until November 14th.



Stump Series by Ubico Studio

The Stump Series from Ubico Studio was created when designers started noticing pieces of hardwood in the dumpsters surrounding the Studio. By reinvisoning these scrap pieces of wood, these great stools were created. Each piece is unique and crafted with social responsibility. And at only $195, you can’t really beat the price!



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    you should probably start blogging again…

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