Restaurant Design

October 27, 2010

If you could choose any restaurant to dine in based purely on its interior design, where would you choose? Below, I’ve gathered a few restaurants that I think show unique and harmonious design.

A Cliff's Edge

I recently went to a restaurant in LA called A Cliff’s Edge and I fell in love with the design of the outdoor space. It got me thinking, what is it that makes this space so unique? The one obvious reason is the huge tree right in the middle of the patio! It added character, dimension and a little bit of fantasy.

The second reason was the lighting. I was there at night and the combination of candle light and string lights in the tree was perfect. It created an atmosphere of intimacy. Another thing that helped with the lighting was along the outside edge behind the booths were large mirrors that were angled to maximize the reflection of the lighting.

The space had a dynamic layout all balanced around the tree. Overall this space exuded great natural, organic design.

L'Atelier, Paris

Above is Joel Robuchon’s restaurant in Paris L’Atelier. Notice the use of color in this space. By staying with a basic 3 color scheme of red, dark wood and white place settings, the food becomes center stage. I visited this restaurant when I was in Paris a few years ago and one of the main reasons this design works for this space is because it creates an interaction between the patrons and the chefs, much like a sushi bar. It is a comfortable, sophisticated space that isn’t overwhelmed by multiple design elements.

Felix Restaurant, Hong Kong, Designed by Philippe Starck


Banq, Boston Designed by dA

These last two restaurants are places I would love to visit. Both offer a unique experience. I love how Starck created a light and airy space. His use of minimal color and negative space draws the eye to the large expanse of windows. By hanging floor to ceiling curtains he was able to delineate different areas of the restaurant.

Wouldn’t you just love to dine at Banq designed by dA? The complete and total focus on the ceiling combined with the minimal design of the tables and chairs creates a very intimate space.

I am feeling inspired! How about you? What are some critical design elements in a restaurant that make it or break it for you? Please share and hope you are having an Outstanding week!

2 Responses to “Restaurant Design”

  1. Lighting and the feeling of comfortable intimacy are key for me when enjoying a restaurant experience. If its too bright and uncomfortable I usually am turned off. These are great examples you shared with us Megan! and YES! I am having an outstanding week! 🙂 I hope you are too!

  2. megangalletly Says:

    I completely agree Eleni! Lighting has such importance in a space, especially a restaurant. So glad you are having an Outstanding week! I too am having an Outstanding week!

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