Outlook and Results

November 10, 2010

A Little Inspiration from finegreendesign.com

These past few years I have become more and more aware of the power and importance our outlook on a situation can greatly influence the end result.

 This morning I read an article reminding me of this and how it relates to the design world. The article was talking about how our negative outlook on the economy and how it relates to interior design can be a great hinder to our businesses. Instead of actively pursuing clients and building our business we focus on the negative and how the economy has resulted in a downturn in interior design. I, myself have become one of those people, blaming the economy for my business not succeeding. But, is it? Is this negativity directly impacting my business? I believe it is.

 So, if this negative attitude is greatly hindering my business and my ability to get clients, how do I change my attitude and my outlook and get clients?

 First, I think it starts with realizing that yes, outlooks and attitudes do have a direct impact on results. With this realization, transforming our mindset becomes easier. We have to shift our thinking and beliefs about the current state of the interior design world. We have to remind ourselves of our goals and why we have those goals. Believe that people are looking for interior designers, they want to make their space their own, and they are looking for us.

 Second is making a commitment to actively pursue a client base. As Tony Robbins says, you have to take Massive Action for anything to change. This may mean reaching out to former clients or finding creative ways to contact potential new clients. Whatever it is, it has to be a directed and focused effort.

 Third is following up with all potential leads, whether they seem big or small. Every lead has the potential to turn into something great.

 Lastly, as the article stated, be grateful. Our lives are full of abundance and it is our responsibility to recognize this abundance and be grateful for it. Daily, think about and remind yourself of all of the things you are grateful for.

 I know this is a different type of post for me, but I felt it was necessary. I needed the reminder and I think many designers are in similar places. So, who is with me? Who is ready to change their outlook, get rid of the negativity and actively pursue growing our businesses?

 Ready. Set. Go!

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