DoItYourself Monday

August 10, 2009

I have found some great DoItYourself projects that I personally cannot wait to try out!

Here is the first from DesignSponge, a Filing Cabinet Planter:

Chad's Filing Cabinet Planter, from Design*Sponge

Chad's Filing Cabinet Planter, from Design*Sponge

 Chad Kelly made this great planter with an old filing cabinet. He turned it on its side, took out the drawers, made liners for the drawers and painted it this bright yellow color, added some sun loving plants and voila! instant planter!

Our second DIY project comes from Martha Stewart, and they are Numbered Drinking Glasses. I know we have all been at a party or a family get together, put down our glass, and then don’t know which one is ours when we go to reach for it again. This solves that problem!

 Numbered Drinking Glasses


All you need is some drinking glasses, glass paint, a paint brush, self-adhesive shelf liner, and a utility knife. I personally have a ton of champagne glasses that I have acquired over the years and these numbers will definitely distinguish them!